IDE for Laszlo at IBM’s alphaWorks

IBM’s alphaWorks site has posted an IDE for Laszlo Systems’ rich presentation server. The IDE is based on the Eclipse environment, and allows developers to create Flash-based applications with Laszlo’s LZX declarative markup language. The site also has a demo of the environment that was built in the IDE. According to the site, "The IDE consists of a set of plug-ins that allow creation and testing of Laszlo  applications, all within the Eclipse platform. These applications can then be deployed and run on a Web server. IDE for Laszlo also provides a rich editing environment for the LZX mark-up language. Its editing features include XML- and script-based content assistance, XML syntax highlighting, and XML code formatting."

It also allows for debugging by inspecting variables, changing object properties, and evaluating script expressions.

So are there any drawbacks? Well, this appears to be one: "It is not possible to set breakpoints or step through code at this time."

Definitely something to keep an eye on, though.

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