Book Description
Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development

Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development (co-author)

This book will take you on a tour of ASP.NET through the Dreamweaver development environment, without assuming any previous knowledge of .NET, ASP, or indeed any other server-side programming technology. As such, it is ideal for readers who are already using Dreamweaver MX as a tool to create static web pages (with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS pages), but now want to learn about the extra server-side functionality at their fingertips.

The Document Object Model

The Document Object Model: Processing Structured Documents (author)

Explains the concepts behind the W3C Document Object Model (DOM), which allows XML and HTML documents to represented by a collection of objects. This recommended web standard provides a common set of functions to examine, build, and manipulate these documents and their contents. The Document Object Model also provides real-world examples of using the DOM in the Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, the MSXML and Apache XML parsers, and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver.

Beyond Dreamweaver

Beyond Dreamweaver (collaboration with Joe Lowery)

Building on the Dreamweaver foundation, this book shows you how to accomplish real-world development tasks such as integrating content management systems, meeting accessibility requirements, working with Fireworks and Flash, and automating page production from a database. There’s even a section on building Dreamweaver extensions with C++.

Fireworks MX Magic

Fireworks MX Magic (collaboration with Lisa Lopuck)

Contains 15 projects that illustrate how to accomplish everyday tasks in Macromedia Fireworks faster, easier, and with great-looking results. Covers everything from working with masks and color to creating Fireworks extensions using JavaScript.

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