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Sharepoint to be US$400M Product for Microsoft

SharePoint to be US$400M Product for Microsoft: Joel Spolsky says that nobody has SharePoint. Au contraire, mon ami. According to public comments made by Steve Ballmer, SharePoint is on track to be a $400M product for Microsoft, and one of the fastest products ever to get to that point for the company. Here’s a fun experiment to try: Go to your favorite jobs site (mine is Monster) and do a search on the term "SharePoint". Then do the same thing with "WebLogic Portal", and then "Plumtree" (two other major portal software developers). See how many jobs come back looking for skills in each.  

When I did this yesterday, SharePoint resulted in 448 hits. WebLogic Portal got 227, and Plumtree got 130. Now, which product should you be honing your skills on?.