Hello! My name is Joe Marini, and this site is my presence on the internet. Here find a variety of information about my various publications, tutorials and articles, and notes from my speaking sessions from Web development conferences around the world.

Prior to starting my own site, I was a Product Manager at Macromedia, Inc. for the Dreamweaver Extensibility Architecture. My main responsibility was for Dreamweaver’s Extensibility Layer, which allows third-party developers and companies to extend the functionality of Dreamweaver by creating extensions. The job was a natural fit for me, since I had spent the prior four years as a Senior Engineer
on the Dreamweaver development team, beginning way back in 1997 on the very first release of Dreamweaver. I also served as Macromedia’s representative to the W3C’s DOM Working Group from 1999-2001.

After leaving Macromedia, I did a 2-year stint as a Principal Engineer and team leader at JasperSoft, a company focused on business intelligence and web-based data reporting and analytics. JasperSoft’s server is based on a J2EE engine that takes an XML file that describes a data source and a layout definition and combines the two to create a highly interactive presentation of business-critical data. They also support and service the open-source JasperReports reporting product.

I was also a co-founder of Lepton Technologies, a company that created plug-ins and extensions for software applications like QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, etc. After several years of successfully helping designers be more productive and creative, Lepton’s assets were acquired by Extensis Corp in 1998.

Today, I’m a Director at Microsoft for our Development Tools Ecosystem team, which administers the VSIP (Visual Studio Industry Partners) program (among others). Prior to that, I was a Senior Program Manager working on a suite of products called Expression that has the potential to revolutionize how designers and developers work together to create rich, interactive, connected applications and art – for either the web, the desktop, the printed page, or the mobile device.

In addition to my engineering and product management work, I’ve written and collaborated on a series of books about programming and Web development, and have had my articles republished on sites such as SitePoint and CommunityMX. You can find information on them in the Publications section.

Please feel free to drop me a line, or just take your time and enjoy your visit. If you have any suggestions for tutorials or subjects for an upcoming book then please send them in. You can also contact me if you’d like to engage me for a speaking session or conference appearance, or if you have a book for which you need technical editing assistance.

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